“Raise The Vibrations” Event! *POSTPONED*

He’s back KC! Along with DJ Taz and all of YOU, we are going to “Raise the Vibrations” by contributing our funds, and our energies to the LoveYourBrain Foundation. Join us for an unforgettable weekend! Choose to participate in 1, 2, 3, or all 4 events:


Sound Off Yoga Experience led by Amy Black (*this all-levels class will have an upbeat & energetic vibe)

Everyone in class wears a pair of wireless headphones, through which your yoga teacher’s cues as well as music are heard at whatever volume you choose. It’s the perfect way to connect more deeply with your personal practice while feeling that same connection to your teacher and the energy in the room.



Awaken Your Dancer led by DJ Taz Rashid

Find power, strength, and gratitude through a unique combination of dance and meditation. The session will begin with a grounding meditation followed by invigorating beats. The meditation will focus on the breath, tuning into your inner voice and setting a personal intention. Participants will then be invited to connect to each of the five elements: earth, fire, wind, water, and ether. Each element has qualities that we work with on a daily basis. By connecting with the elements, a sense of peace and oneness can be created through your own movement. Sound Off headphones will be used during this dance meditation experience and will allow you to stay centered in a personal yet immersive musical experience. No dance experience necessary.


SUNDAY 9-10:30AM

Sound Off Yoga Experience led by Amy Black (*note: this all-levels class will have a grounding and down tempo vibe)


SUNDAY 10:45-11:45 AM

Sound Healing Meditation: A Sound Journey For Inner Awakening-Led by DJ Taz

Experience how sound and healing music can be used to unlock many of our blocks and challenges we experience daily.



Any 1 session: $35 https://app.moonclerk.com/pay/3cvuiufcywrg

Saturday evening both sessions: $50 https://app.moonclerk.com/pay/2dbtdoo2q8gt

Sunday morning both sessions: $50


Weekend Event Pass: $80 https://app.moonclerk.com/pay/6jrc6gg2dz38

DJ Taz Rashid brings a high vibrational energy to any room instantly by mixing the beats and rhythms of Love, Ancient New World, House, Devotional, and all the cosmic sounds. His vision is to be a channel to cause the expansion of all those around by tapping into the creative wisdom of the body and allowing them to feel, let go and awaken.