Jenn is a bad-ass. The end.

Welcome to episode two of Jenn’s personal training journey! I feel the need to throw in a shout out to my other besties, Alan and Jules. They too have been working their tails off with me and I couldn’t be happier with their progress. It truly is amazing when you have a supportive and trusting client/trainer relationship what things one can accomplish! I think definitely the key to a successful workout program is the relationship that you have not only with your trainer or teacher, but with YOURSELF! Which is why I feel like all three of my best friends that I’m currently training are doing so well. They love themselves! And they understand that no one is going to get this work done for them. I am simply a coach and an encourager. So let’s get back to Jenn…

After four weeks of training, I have learned more about one of my closest friends than I ever expected to discover. Probably the thing that I am drawn to the most with Jenn is her ability to be transparent in who she is, and what she stands for. And what I admire wholeheartedly about these traits in her is that she does so unapologetically, but also in a very kind and warm way. And this is shining through in her workouts with me, and in her “homework” workouts that she’s doing on her own. She sends me the most amazing pictures of herself after her work out. When her sweaty, dirty, red-faced, unedited, no makeup photo pops up on my phone I beam with that proud mama feeling. You see, I never asked Jenn to do this. But, she is trusting to know that I love her authenticity and realness enough to not judge her or question her. She is able to do that because she knows the number one reason for doing these workouts is for herself. No one else. She has not gone out and spent a lot of money on fancy workout clothes, or shoes. {*disclaimer, I love fancy workout clothes and shoes! Ain’t no shame in that game!} She has found ways to stay with her “no excuses” mantra by working out in between her son’s baseball games, daughter’s softball games. She will do her workouts outside when the family house is crazy and busy. And then inside when the weather is too hot. When she hurts her back on one of the workouts, she doesn’t quit. On Mondays if she has a meeting when we are finished she literally does a quick cleanup in my bathroom and races out of my driveway. She always shows up. No excuses.

Many people might assume that since Jenn is naturally driven when it comes to things like work and family that this comes easy for her. I can promise you with 100% assurance that it is not. I know that her negative self talk creeps up on her. I know that she worries about time away from her family. I also know, because she has shared this, that sometimes she is doing the workouts for ME! As her good friend she doesn’t want to let me down. Which brings me back to the fact that a trusting relationship with your coach, trainer, or teacher is often the missing link between finding a successful personal training program. I’m happy to be alongside Jenn, holding her hand when she needs me to. But mostly, I’m just over here watching her cross the finish line all by herself. You go girl.

Let’s hear from Jenn after week 3!

2 weeks down…a lifetime to go

After completing two full weeks of workouts, I’ve learned a few things.

I am stronger than I think. 

Sometimes the things Amy explains or demonstrates and then expects me to do make me laugh out loud. There is no way I can do that. But she is the epitomy of positive encouragement and just says try it. And the first week I surprised myself because even though I couldn’t do all of the moves exactly right, I could do them all.

Being mentally strong and willing to push through something that is physically challenging is not easy, but I can push myself and I can do it (30 second planks and 1 minute of jump roping are surprisingly difficult!)

Three… that’s it?

Amy and I both have crazy-busy schedules but by some miracle, we found Mondays at lunchtime are free for both of us. I jet over to her house which is close to where I work and we workout on her driveway (hi-ho neighbors). After our first workout, she told me I needed to do the same workout 2 more times before we met again next week. I remember thinking, “That’s it… just two times?! Surely I didn’t hear her correctly.” I figured when I got into this that I’d have to be doing something every ding-dong day and while that would be real real hard I was going to do my best and could survive anything for 8 weeks.

So when I found out it was just 3 times a week total, I kinda thought that was too easy. But in reality, it’s wonderful. I can absolutely fit two additional workouts into my week. They aren’t easy and it’s good to rest a day or two in between. And best of all, this is something manageable and repeatable. What I mean is, instead of doing some crash-course 8-week session of hell and only focusing on ending the tourture, this is creating a pattern I can continue for the rest of my life. Three workouts a week is doable for me. A daily workout is probably something I could not maintain for the long-haul (kudos to you all that do!!!).

Back pain is the worst. 

With only 2 reps to go on the last round of the last workout of week two, somehow I tweaked the muscles in my left lower back and hip. It was excrutiating and I couldn’t stand up straight for a while. I stretched it and laid down with some ice (thanks for the good advice Amy) and ibuprofin. It felt a bit better on Sunday and a “little more better” on Monday so I told Amy I’d still come and do as much as I could. She introduced me to the foam roller (which is both terrible and wonderful) and I was able to do pretty much the whole workout for week 3.

My back muscles are still a little tender but definitely on the mend. I did have a profound moment of gratitude for my general well-being and physical health and also discovered a deep empathy for those who suffer chronic pain. If you are one of those people… I love you and I feel you. I’m sorry you have to bear that every day.   It’s terrible.

What motivates me? 

I think it’s probably a good thing I’m training with one of my bffs. If it was some rando-person from the gym or wherever, I’d be way more likely to say FU, I don’t feel like working out this week. But because it’s Amy and because we are like family and because I know she believes in me and loves me and wants what is best for me, I’m WAY WAY more motivated to sweat and jump rope. Not because I’m paying her. Apparently I am not that motivated by money.

It’s not that I don’t want those things for myself but it’s almost like knowing someone else wants those things for me somehow makes it ok for me to want those things too. (That is probably some deep and messed up shit but I’m not going into that today!) Regardless of the psychology behind it, I like to meet or exceed the expectations I set for myself or allow others to set for me. Because Amy’s expectations are high, yet acheivable and filled with love and positivity, I actually want to do these workouts and send her my regular “YAY ME – I did the workout and didn’t die” text when I’m done.

I think what I needed was emotional accountability not fiscal accountability. I need someone to push me and challenge me without fear of judgement if I can’t do one thing or need lighter weights or have to do pushups on my knees.

And most suprisingly of all … I’m having so much fun! 

Weight: 183.3

Goals for the next two weeks: Keep working on making quality food choices

4 thoughts on “Jenn is a bad-ass. The end.”

  1. Love you both!! You are both rockin’ it!!! And Amy, I will totally start sending you sweaty pics if that is what you want!!😂😘❤️


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