Yes, you do have time… a personal training journey with Jenn

I’m so lucky that my job allows me to work with all types of people.  Along with having private yoga students, I also have personal training clients.  Ironically, personal training is my background, but I’ve been out of that loop for a while now as I have been focused on other things.  So, when I began promoting myself again as a trainer several of my dearest friends showed up! They all sent my cards out, shared my social media posts, and told everyone they knew that I was looking for clients.  What I NEVER expected was for several of them to ACTUALLY HIRE me!

When it comes to working with people that you are close to and actually love, it can be really challenging.  But at the same time sooooooooo rewarding.  I want to share some of my thoughts about what these past couple of weeks have been like training my dear and close friend, Jenn. Her and I agreed that we would co-blog about our journey (which of course was her idea, and I figured I’d try!)

Jenn is pretty much the Mother of All Things.  She’s literally a mom of 3 (well 4 if you count her awesome husband-love ya, Dave!) She’s the softball Mom, the College mom, the basketball, baseball, and soccer Mom.  She’s a full-time working Mom.  She’s a Mama Bear to a cat and a dog, and countless kids of all ages in and out of her house pretty much 24/7.  She’s the Mother Hen, so to speak, of our soul sister BFF group–keeping us all grounded and in-line.  She’s even a bit Mother Nature. She’s a smart-as-hell Mom finishing up her last semester of Seminary, and she’s doing it ALL, SIMULTANEOUSLY, EVERY SINGLE DAY! So, when she came to me, and said “I wanna do this personal training thing” I thought, “hmmm….and when exactly are we gonna do that?!” (not to mention she lives 35 minutes away from me)

What I love about the beginning of this story is that Jenn is living proof that the excuse of “I don’t have time” is simply that.  It’s an excuse.  And I’m not saying its a bad one!  It’s legit! But when it comes to our health and well-being, we can’t let TIME be a reason for not taking care of ourselves. I admire Jenn so much for digging deep down inside to find the mind-set to do this!

And now….Jenn’s perspective:

Eek! I’m doing a thing today…

So… today at noon… I am going to my first personal training session.

Getting stronger and more fit has been on my wish list for a long time. But I’m great at excuses – not enough time, not enough money, maybe after school is finished, maybe after my birthday, next, next, next. I had a little heart scare earlier this year where my blood pressure was higher than normal. All the scans came back normal and my sweet doctor asked about any new stress in my life (hmmm… world conference, new job responsibilities, grad school, etc) and then kindly pointed out that as my weight has tracked up slightly over the last couple of years, so has my blood pressure. UGH.

It’s pretty much summertime in KC and I wish I was still hibernating.  But I’ve been inspired by my friend Julie who is traning via Facetime with our bff Amy so here I am.  To be clear, if I wasn’t training with Amy, I probably wouldn’t be doing it. But she is the most positive, encouraging, fitest badass I know so its her or no one.

What caught me off-guard was how nervous I feel.

My rational self is like, hey, this is Amy, you are going to be fine. She won’t judge you or belittle you or make you feel bad if you can’t do all the things. She will encourage you and love you and push you to be your best self. Let her.

But my scared little self is like, what if you can’t do any of the things?  What if she thinks you are a loser? What if you just give up? Why are you even doing this?

The negative self-talk is a motivation killer and it takes real effort to mute that voice. I always wonder why we talk to ourselves that way at all? What in the world is the benefit of telling myself those things? Oh wait… there isn’t one. So why do we self-sabotage? More thoughts on that later.

For now though, I’m going to document my 8-week journey through this session with Amy and we’ll see what transpires.

Some predictions:

  • After 1 week I will be disappointed that I’m not all strong and fit (even though I ABSOLUTELY know that will not happen)
  • I will miss ice-cream.
  • I will be sore.
  • I will feel better about myself in more than just the physical arena.
  • I will be motivated to do the workouts during the week because I won’t want to disappoint my friend (one benefit of training with a bff)


June 3

  • Weight: 184.7
  • Emotions: Nervous and kind of excited.



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